Brent Sanders

I am a Full Stack Engineer

I design, plan and build for the entire product.

Being a generalist brings me joy. I'm regularly diving into the deep end of technical problems solving them with a breadth of languages, frameworks and tools.

I have spent the last fifteen years building for the web. As part of early-stage startups and large enterprises. I believe in building solutions that are loyal to both the goals of the business and the stage of the business.

I apply a technology-agnostic approach with a tendency to favor tools that will leave a project well-supported for years to come.

I'm currently actively contributing to projects, writing code on a daily basis.

I am a Technical Leader

I have built and led small teams with an emphasis on building new product.

My style of group work resembles that of a player coach. I lead by example and work closely with my team. I believe in honesty, transparency and accountability as core values. I produce my best work with others that share those values.

I draw upon a deep and diverse set of project experiences that all anchor in a cycle of shipping product early and learning from user behavior.

I believe in applying the concepts of Domain Driven Design to complex problems.


I believe in early validation of business models and am thoughtful of where validation fits into the product development journey.

Novel business ideas come and go but viable ones tend to be forged through validation.

I am a firm believer that technology is an accelerator of momentum, not a creator of it.

I'm currently building a new venture in the DTC home goods space.


I enjoy the process of building new businesses.

I built Fulton Works, a product design and development agency, which was acquired in 2014 by Roniin. I transitioned from a sole-owner to a member of a leadership team that ran a startup studio that connects talented founders with ideas, execution and capital to create new companies.

Additionally, I worked as the Operating Partner for Builders VC a Series A and Seed focused technology venture fund invested in antiquated industries.


I write about the things I come across from time to time:

Get In Touch

I'm open to chatting about new opportunities to advise, partner or build.

If you'd like to reach me, send me an email.